Implore the Bodhisattva to Disinfect the Planet

A talk given by Venerable Master Hua on September 4, 1982 during an Earth Treasury Recitation Session

Sweet dew and Dharma-water are used to dispel the poisonous energy in the world.

For each bit that is dispelled, the world obtains a bit of peace.

Why are we holding a Seven-day session of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva Recitation? It's because there are too many disasters in the world now. We want to implore Earth Treasury Bodhisattva, through the power of his past vows, to dispel all the calamities.

What Earth Treasury Bodhisattva values most is the practice of filiality, because he was filial and compliant with his parents in life after life. It wasn't easy ów he perfected this practice by undergoing many ordeals and hardships. When his parents did not believe in the Triple Jewel, he would respect and comply with their wishes, while using various skillful and expedient Dharma-doors to lead them to have faith in the Triple Jewel. Everywhere he went, he practiced the Bodhisattva path but never got attached to appearances. That is, he did not dwell on his meritorious deeds or praise his own virtuous conduct. He didn't praise his own virtuous conduct. Even when he saved living beings, he said that the living beings saved themselves; he didn't want living beings to thank him or bow to him.

Among the ranks of Bodhisattvas, he didn't feel that he was more eminent than the other Bodhisattvas. He didn't entertain the idea that his vows were grander, or that his kindness and compassion were vaster, or that his spiritual powers were greater. No matter what he said or did, he didn't make a big deal out of it, because he felt he was just carrying out his duty. He didn't dwell on his own merit. For that reason, all living beings were moved and praised him, and the Buddha himself lauded him. The Buddha does not casually praise a person; he only praises those who are worthy of it. Since Earth Treasury Bodhisattva didn't dwell on or advertise his own merit and virtue, he obtained a response in the Way. Such a response comes naturally; he didn't use any special methods to obtain it. In our own cultivation, we should imitate the spirit of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva and his boundless vow:

As long as the hells are not emptied,
I vow not to become a Buddha.

Only when all living beings have been saved will I accomplish Bodhi.

Every year, we hold a Seven-day session for the sake of disinfecting the toxins in space and in the world. The atmosphere is now very polluted, and there is a poisonous energy brewing in the universe which can't be dispelled. We can only sincerely ask the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to shine their light to terminate the invisible but lethal toxic energy. Therefore, whatever we do at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas has a direct impact on the state of peace or danger in the world. If the people in this Bodhimanda are not sincere, the world will be in even greater danger!

Mankind has committed too many karmic offenses which human power has no way of abolishing. Today, on the birthday of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva, everyone is reciting the name of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva in unison, hoping the Bodhisattva will be compassionate and in turn create peacefulness in the world. The possibility of such a response depends on our sincerity. One person's strength is not enough; the entire assembly's strength is required. It is said, "The unity of purpose is like a strong fortress." With united effort and wisdom, let us pray for world peace together.

Nowadays, people all have the feeling that the world is not at peace, and is in fact in imminent peril. That's why many temples say they are praying for world peace. It was the Buddhist Lecture Hall and Gold Mountain Monastery that started it, and then the temples in Hong Kong and Taiwan followed suit. This proves that the world is on the brink of disaster, and we need to pray for peace. However, the Bodhimanda that is truly praying for world peace is the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

That's because whenever we hold any Dharma event, we are not aspiring that a great Dharma-protector will come and give us a large donation. Every year when the time comes, we just quietly hold the Dharma event without fanfare. We conduct the session as usual, whether or not there is a dharma sponsor, because we take it as our obligation and don't expect any rewards for doing it. We only hope that the Buddha's light will bless us and purge the world of poisonous energy. We hope Guanyin Bodhisattva will anoint our crowns with sweet dew, dispel the disasters and illnesses of living beings, and eradicate their offenses and increase their blessings. We hope Earth Treasury Bodhisattva, with the great strength of his vows, will enable living beings to leave suffering and attain bliss, and eradicate all calamities and perils. Reciting the names of Guanyin Bodhisattva and Earth Treasury Bodhisattva is a way to disinfect the world without the use of pesticides or chemical sprays. Rather, sweet dew and Dharma-water are used to dispel the poisonous energy in the world. For each bit that is dispelled, the world obtains a bit of peace. When all the poisonous energy has been purged from the world, living beings will be blessed and mankind will be fortunate indeed!

(The End of the Article)